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Pakistan to host International Conference on Islamic Funds(Business Recorder-March 01,2012)

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) on Wednesday notified an increase in the prices of petroleum products up to Rs 8.67 per liter while up to Rs 1.77 per kg in price of CNG with immediate effect.(Business Recorder, March 01,2012)

Federal Cabinet approves roadmap to normalize trade with India (Business Recorder-March 01,2012)

Wall Street off 4-year peaks; dollar rises-Business Recorder(Feb,28,2012)

Over 150 businessmen set to attend Pak Malaysia Business & Investment Forum...Business Recorder(Feb 28,2012)

4pc economic growth expected during FY 2011-12: Hafeez Sheikh(Business Recorder-Feb 28,2012)

Indices Summary
100 Index
 Previous 32,084.06 
 Current 32,472.04 
 Change (%) 1.21
 Volume 70447650
Market Summary
Updated On: 29/02/2012
 Market Capitalisation (Rs bn) 31,85 
 Market Capitalisation (US$ bn) 31,949 
 Current Ready Turnover (m) 218.2 
 Previous Ready Turnover (m) 217.5 
 Difference (m) +0.7 
 Change (%) +0.3% 
 Current Futures Turnover (m) 13.9 
 Previous Futures Turnover (m) 17.0 
 Difference (m) -3.1 
 Change (%) -18.2% 
 Advanced 170 
 Declines 162 
 Unchanged 25 
 Total 357 
Balances in SCRA
July 2009 to Date
In '000
Updated : 29/02/2012 
 On Feb 27 , 2012 (USD) -1654 
 On Feb 24, 2012 (USD) -161 
 Difference -1493 
 Change % -927.3% 
Foreign Portfolio Investment
Gross Buy
Gross Sell
Net Buy/Sell
(PKR m)
(PKR m)
(PKR m)
Updated :29/02/2012  
Commodity Details
Updated : 01/03/2012 
 Crude Oil ( WTI-USD / Barrel ) 107.4 
 Gold ( USD / Ounce ) 1,728.80 

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The federal cabinet on Wednesday flung open the doors for trade with India by raising the number of items that can be imported from the country from 1,946 to almost 5,600.(Dawn-March 01,2012)

Power tariff raised by 30 to 72pc for Wapda companies(Dawn-March 01,2012)

Iran has offered to provide 80,000 barrels of crude oil to Pakistan on three-month deferred payment.(Dawn, Feb29,2012)

The government and the PML-N agreed on Tuesday to provide Rs15 billion subsidy on petroleum prices over the next three months. As a result, there may not be any increase in prices from March 1.(Dawn, Feb 29,2012)

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